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Bed Bug Removal \ Extermination
Bed bug 1 living and growing  Killing bed bugs can be a difficult, daunting task if the task is approached improperly. In fact, over time bed bugs can develop a resistance to chemical pesticides.
 To kill bed bugs right the first time, L.C.R is the best option. Our steam cleaners boast several features that contribute to their ability to kill bed bugs rapidly and effectively.
  Lethal temperatures to kill bed bug pests are 113ºF, therefore, higher kill rates are achieved when higher temperatures are used to kill bed bug pests. For this reason, L.C.R's powerful steam cleaning equipment boasts temperatures over 360ºF to eradicate and kill bed bug pests.
How Beg Bugs look on mattress.  Learning how to kill bed bug pests requires more than simply looking into temperature levels. Vacuum extraction is another important feature to consider when selecting a bed bugs killing Company. Pairing high steam temperatures with simultaneous vacuum extraction enables the operators of L.C.R's machines to kill bed bugs while extracting the bugs, eggs, and waste for complete removal.
 L.C.R also incorporates ATIS® technology in its steam  cleaners designed to kill bed bug pests. The addition of the patent-pending, ATIS® anti-bacterial device in the boiler enables our
steam cleaners to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, mold, and pathogens. ATIS® technology aids our steam cleaners in creating a welcoming environment for guests, free of bed bugs, germs, and other harmful residues.
Bed bugs can live anywhere.  Also Steam Cleaning your Mattress 1 to 2 times a year extends the life of your Mattress.   

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